Aqua Regia has been used by most refiners since the 14th century, however there is where the similarity stops. While the current state-of-art aqua regia works very well on alloys of some precious metals, it does damage most of other metals and non-metals (substrates). Our New Aqua Regia Solutions are inexpensive, simple and straightforward.  They perform at room temperature, there is no need to use organic solvents and dangerous chemicals, and it does not damage the substrate which may have gold, platinum and/or other metals deposited onto them.

The New Aqua Regia Solutions selectively etches (wet etching, leaching) gold and platinum (and other metals) while leaving substrates (precision parts for instance) intact. The salts of gold and platinum, dissolved in our New Aqua Regia Solutions, are then chemically separated, reduced to metals and melted into 99.99x purity.

With current state-of-art aqua regia, when gold and/or platinum are deposited onto stainless steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, graphite or some other substrates, the refiners are left either with etching by poisonous cyanides, or with blasting by abrasive media and consequent extraction of gold and/or platinum from the media, or finally with incineration (burning the plastic or other flammable substrates) and consequent extraction of gold and/or platinum from the resultant ash.

Since cyanides do not work well on alloys of precious metals (some metals of the alloys do not dissolve at all), with blasting – the abrasive media blasting, followed by extraction of precious metals from the media, yields huge precious metal losses and finally, the incineration method yields the same or higher losses of precious metals as the blasting method, which led us to start research on selective precious metals wet etching (leaching) from substrates which is currently patent pending.

Our “NEW AQUA REGIA SOLUTIONS” selectively etches precious metals (gold, platinum, etc.) and their alloys and the alloys of precious metals with other metals WHILE LEAVING THE SUBSTRATES INTACT. Also, our NEW Aqua Regia Solutions avoids burning and/or blasting, and the consequent extraction of precious metals from ash and/or blasting media, the yields of precious metals are significantly high.

We directly dissolve precious metals in “one processing tank” and work from there, so we do not have the losses of precious metals coming from ash, blasting media, and from non-dissolved precious metals in cyanide etching mix. Moreover, our NEW Aqua Regia Solutions allows the separation of gold from platinum with lower health risks for operators (the salt of platinum coming from the traditional Aqua Regia process is reported as occupational hazard) and yields gold and platinum directly in 99.99 purity.

Finally, our unique process of “up-scaling gold purity” allows the delivery of gold in 99.999x purity, with the highest yields.